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ey there! I'm Kimberly, your boudoir photographer based in Greater Milwaukee, WI. Family is everything to me, and I've got a fantastic crew, including my husband, two grown-up kids, and a grandson who keeps us on our toes! Fitness and food are my passions, striking a unique balance between gym time and savoring delicious meals. 

Now, let's get to business!

With over 18 years of experience and having had the privilege of photographing hundreds of incredible women, at KAP Boudoir, we're not just a photography studio; we're confidence boosters. We believe true beauty goes beyond looks—it's about how you feel. We provide professional hair and makeup services, not to change you, but to help you see your stunning self.

Life gets busy, and we often forget how beautiful and strong we are. Our boudoir experience is your chance to rediscover your inner goddess, to feel confident, and to shine like the star you are.

Right now, in this very moment, you are perfect. Our mission is to bring out your inner model, to coach and guide you to your most confident self.

There's nothing more rewarding for me than making you feel as beautiful as you truly are. Let's capture your confidence, one click at a time!


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Professional hair and makeup

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you are beautiful 


No, they don't. We work with fantastic hair and makeup artists on every shoot, and their services are included in the retainer fee. You can count on our skilled team to enhance your natural beauty and create the perfect look for your session.




Everything you need to know to get this DREAM session started. 

Your boudoir session will be held at our East Troy, WI residential studio. We've created a dedicated studio space with two full studio bedrooms and a variety of sets for you to choose from. Rest assured, your session will take place in complete privacy, and our professional hair and makeup services are conveniently provided right at the studio.

Feeling nervous is absolutely normal! Many of our clients initially have those jitters. However, we can assure you that you'll have an amazing time during your session. Plus, once you see your stunning images, any nervousness will be entirely worthwhile!

Don't worry one bit about posing; that's our expertise! We'll provide clear instructions on how to pose and where to direct your gaze. To make it even easier, we'll demonstrate the poses before you try them. We understand that not everyone is familiar with posing, but that's precisely why we're here – to guide you and make the process fun!

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Leave feeling like the sexy bad-ass you are

There are so many misconceptions about boudoir photography that I want to clear up before we get started...


"Can a boudoir session really change my life, Kim?"

- Boudoir is for EVERY type of women.
- Numbers do NOT define you.
- You can NEVER lose your sexy, no matter what age you are! Trust me.
- You don't need ANY type of experience at all.
- Women who invest in themselves, go further!
- Lastly, Be You. Do You. For You.


What These Boudoir Babes Are Saying


I have done 2 shoots before with this being my second shoot now. This shoot was different because I was much more confident and I knew what to expect. My first session was a gift for my wedding. Kimberly made me feel so comfortable with shooting pictures and she’s so incredibly easy to talk to! At first I was so nervous because who isn’t self conscious of their body but when you’re taking pictures and having conversations you don’t even realize you’re almost naked lol! She takes these absolutely stunning pictures and they look so natural and you look just gorgeous!
My favorite part of everything was being able to have fun throughout the whole shoot, getting all prettied up and getting the final result. My husbands reaction to everything was absolutely priceless. A huge take away from the experience with Kimberly which I have to really thank her for, she has really given me a lot more confidence in myself. I feel so much more confident, beautiful and comfortable in myself and everything I do, and I feel like I am beautiful.

I turned 49 this past June and have really made a pursuit to stay healthy, strong and active and figured it was now or never! I did the session for myself. I was very nervous at first. I didn't really know what to expect and figured all of my photos would look like I had a “forced expression“ but it was quite the opposite. She is very easy to work with and funny and we joked around quite a bit. It was really nothing at all like I thought it would be! The reveal was my favorite part- I had set myself up to be disappointed with how I looked and I was quite stunned. 
I think it is our nature as women to pick ourselves apart, to always look for the flaws and parts of our bodies that are not perfect. Doing a boudoir session is eye opening because these pictures are of you through the eyes of someone else and it is extremely difficult to imagine someone else - another woman - could really see me like that and embrace and enhance how I look.


This was my first session. I did the shoot for a couple of reasons; for myself because I work all the time and don’t do much for me. Also, for my husband. It was his Christmas gift from me.
I was SUPER nervous and unsure that I would be able to take serious photos without having resting bitch face. Kim did an amazing job explaining what I needed to do and making me feel comfortable. My favorite part of the boudoir experience was the laid back and fun environment. I learned that I can do anything I put my mind to; even if I think that I can’t.


Before my shoot, I had never done a boudoir shoot before. I was extremely nervous beforehand, especially being a bit bigger and not always seeing someone with a body type like mine. I wanted to do the shoot because my fiancé always tells me that I'm beautiful but I didn't always feel it. Kim was so helpful with posing and showing exactly what to do. My favorite part of the shoot was the shower set. It was an interesting experience that I would definitely do again. After the entire experience, I felt more confident in how I look and was able to see what I have been told for so long.


I had a very personal reason for this session. After working over a year including things being shut down for covid I had lost over 100 pounds and was wanting to reward myself with something other than food or alcohol. The session was for me but also used the images to give to my husband after 7 years of marriage and 16 years of being together.  First off I was so nervous but Kim greeted me outside and helped me get into the studio and then makeup and hair started and it was like a calming peace fell over me and I was relaxed and ready. Seeing the sneak peek pictures that Kim would share while taking the photos and feeling like a super model. My self-esteem was through the roof and I felt like I was floating on cloud nine for like days. I saw a whole new person – the beautiful girl that has been hiding for many years to worried about what others think and came out feeling like I was wonder woman in my own way. Taking on and feeling like girl you are a bad ass for stepping way out of your comfort zone and flying. I cannot wait to do it again.


I’ve struggled with self love of my body for years. Always looking for ways to change it and wanting to fix all the “flaws”. I wanted to see the beautiful and sexy person I feel on the inside to shine through.
During our phone consultation I had I almost said no, but talking through why I wanted to do it and hearing how the session would go, I was sold.
I was nervous at first, but Kim made me super comfortable. Having the session be at her home vs a stale studio was really nice. The confidence continued to grew as the session went on.
My big take away was loving my body again and showing my husband I can finally see what he see’s (on the outside).


I was nervous at first but quickly became relaxed and comfortable. The main reason I did the session was because I had lost weight and I never felt like I looked good. I wanted to feel good inside and out. I also wanted to give my husband something as I do NOT wear lingerie. I chose you because everyone that I have talked to have said how you make them feel so comfortable and I really needed that
My favorite part of the shoot was when you first showed me a picture. I just could not believe it was me.  Looking at the photos it has given me a different perspective and for the first time in a long time I feel beautiful on the outside and I thank you for that.
Thank you for truly making me feel beautiful. 


Kim walked me through every single pose, made sure she knew what I was confident about and what I was a little insecure about. Even though I weigh more now, my body and skin is a bit more jiggly and I have had two babies since my wedding boudoir shoot, I went into this shoot with Kim with more confidence and came out of it feeling beyond beautiful.
I’ve had two babies since my first boudoir shoot and I wanted to have some photos done post-baby. But this also doubles as an anniversary gift for my husband.
Kim’s work is amazing. Her level of interaction with potential, past and current clients in her VIP group, via email, and personal messages is better than any other photographer I have looked into. She really makes sure she connects with you!
My session was everything I expected and hoped for. Kim was awesome. She explained everything throughout the process and walked me through every step.
This was a great reminder to myself that I am beautiful. I am sexy. I am a survivor (post-delivery scare with my second child). I am so worth this experience. I look at these photos and see the pure happiness in my eyes and smile. It reminds me that the feeling I had during the photo shoot is how I want to feel every day.


I had wanted to do a shoot post divorce. I wanted to feel beautiful, I wanted to feel sexy, I wanted to feel confident... and I wanted something tangible for those times when I doubted myself, I could look at the pictures and remind myself how strong, powerful and beautiful I really am.
Kimberly's whole team made you feel safe, confident, and beautiful.  I wasn't expecting to feel so at ease. I was excited, but wasn't sure what to expect. They really made sure you felt comfortable, even playing your favorite music to help you get in the mood!
I loved that Kimberly looked at the outfits you brought, then built the "sets" around them. Not like most places where they only had cookie cutter sets. I loved how creative Kimberly was with the poses and her sets. I also appreciated the viewing appointment. You sit down with Kimberly and go through the photos one by one to choose which ones you want. I felt beautiful and confident. Just what I wanted. One of the biggest surprises I had was when I chose pics that I felt showed a glimpse of my insecurities. When showing them to others I felt uncomfortable. But their response to how beautiful I was really changed my perspective of myself, and helped me release those insecurities. That by far was the biggest impact this experience has had on me. Well worth it for sure!

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you, Girl!

No two bodies are the same and my goal is to  show you what a gorgeous goddess you are. 


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