Senior Boy – Class of 2011 Senior!!
{Muskego Wisconsin High School Senior Photographer}

Another gorgeous day for a photo session.  I am just loving this September weather.  It is such a relief from the hot and humid weather we had the whole month of August and most of July. It was a bit warmer than it has been but it was still gorgeous out… however, we did have to swat a few mosquitoes again but it was nothing at all like it has been… so I will not complain.  🙂 Anyway, this was a fun session for me.  I know, I know, they are all fun for me… but, this one was fun for a different reason.  According to mom and Mr. N, he doesn’t like getting his picture taken and wouldn’t smile for me.  First off, smiles are overrated.  LOL  I am a huge, huge fan of the serious look.  Especially with senior boys.  I mean really, who smiles all the time anyway?  Hahaha…. the other reason this was a fun session for me is because I thought I was going into this session on a Sunday evening with a challenge.  Not a challenge at all.  He’s a great guy and did an awesome job and I think once mom sees this sneak peek… I am betting tears.  🙂  We did this session on their family owed and operated business property.  It is a very pretty location. But, of course, leave it to me to find the junk yard part of the property first.  LOL  I love me some junk.  🙂  Then Mr. N, spent yesterday afternoon mowing the property and what do I do? Place him in the long uncut grass….. hahahaha…. 🙂  So, mom, seeing you weren’t there to see what we were up to, I know you are anxious to see how they turned out.  So, here is a little sneak peek for you.  I had a great time with you Mr. N and I hope you found this process painless like I told you it would be.  🙂  So, while you are visiting my blog, feel free to click on the “add a comment” link below this post to leave me a comment.  I would love to know what you think so far.  Thank-you, Kimberly