Gorgeous Sisters…!
{Southeastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois Child Photographer}

These two girls were so cute and they rocked the house.  🙂  I have photographed the little one before but never her big sister.  However, I have seen her sister before and just love her style… and yes, an 8 year old girl can have style.  LOL  She has this little rocker girl style and was hoping that she would continue with that style when she came to her portrait session.  Hoping mom wouldn’t make her wear something girly and frilly.  LOL  And when they showed up in their rocker wear, both of them, I was a very happy photographer.  LOL  Anyway, I just love how they turned and wanted to post a little sneak peek for you.  I really enjoyed seeing you all again and I had a blast with the girls.  🙂 

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And this one is for you Dad… 🙂