Please Help… We Need Your Votes!!!
{Southeastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois Child Photographer

You may or may not know that Kimberly Ann Photography is a participating photographer for the “America’s Cutest Kid” Contest.  This contest is to raise funds for charity “Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep” (NILMDTS)  which is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide professional portrait sessions to families suffering an early infant loss at no cost to the family in order to honor their child’s legacy and memory.

All my contestants are now entered into the contest to try and become “Americas Cutest Kid” and along with that, Kimberly Ann Photography is trying to become the top Photographer.  So, now I need YOUR help to achieve this goal.  And YES, I am begging for your help.  LOL

This contest has of 5 regions.  Kimberly Ann Photography is in Region 4.  The top 5 in each region who have the most votes and the top 5 in each region who have the most points move on to the final judging round.  So, 10 in all for each region.  I need your help getting to that final judging round.

Votes= $1 for each vote
Points= each person that registers receives 5 FREE points to put toward the child of their choice.  No money needed.
Right now I have 1st and 2nd place over all, out of ALL 5 regions sitting at the top.  And I also have 3rd place in points in region 4.

Down below I have listed all of my contestants with a direct link to their image. 

Voting (which is $1 per vote, or $50 for 50 votes ?…. which is what goes to this charity. So, I encourage you to vote Please). Voting is self explanatory, when you click on the link to the photo below that you would like to vote for just add in your dollar amount and vote.

Points on the other hand is a bit more tricky so I will post the step by step instructions to make it really, really easy for you….
Click here to register first… Once you have registered, you will need to login.  Then come back here to the blog and click on the link to the child that you want to add your 5 FREE points to.  You will see a big grey star to the right of the image, click on the drop down menu and click on “Add 5” and then hit the gray star to apply them! The points will be added automatically.  And you are done.  Except for helping Kimberly Ann spread the word by telling YOUR friends and family to vote and add their free points.

Deadline for Voting is April 10th

Deadline for free points is April 5th
Thank-you so much and I appreciate your help, Kim

This cutie is in first place over ALL 5 regions right now….

Vote for him here

And this beautiful little girl is 2nd over all 5 regions as of now…

And my top guy in points in region 4.  He is in 4th place currently and we need your help boosting him up that ladder.

Even though those are my top runners at the moment, I am not at all counting out the rest of them…. and here they are in no particular order…