{Germantown WI Child Photographer}

Love, love these boys.  I have been photographing them for a few years now and they just keep getting cuter and cuter and oh so funny too.  Mr. T, I can so tell, that he really looks up to his big brother and they get along, for me anyway LOL, so well.  Can you say “monkey see, monkey do?”  LOL  Well, you will see from the photos below that “monkey see, monkey do” was so the case with these brothers.  Now, I do have to say this because I thought, not only was it cute, but it was very funny…. the boys arrived at our session location and I greeted them and ask them if they remembered me.  Mr. A, the older brother but yet only 7 years old, said “yes, I remember you.  But, I remember you when you were younger.”  LOL 

Anyway mom, Mr. A and Mr. T… it was great seeing you all again and Mr. A, next year, I will be even older.  LOL

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