Another Beautiful Girl, Class of 2012!!!
{Southeastern WI High School Senior Photographer}

I love Mother Nature… NOT!!!  LOL  This was yet again, another rainy day session.  As I was driving to this young ladies home, in the rain, I kept thinking… what, am I nuts?  This is stupid. We should just re-schedule.  So, I get to her house and she comes outside and says “it’s raining.”  LOL  We didn’t really know what to do.  My schedule is packed and did not want to re-schedule yet another session because, I swear, Mother Nature hates me at this point.  LOL  So, as we stood there trying to figure out what to do and just talking about “stuff”…. the rain stopped.  We decided to give ‘er a go and started the session.  It was AWESOME.  Had to stop at one point and put the umbrella up but it was just a quick cloud and we were able to continue rather quickly.  And again, it was awesome and a beautiful location too.  We got most of the session in and on our way to our 2nd location, it started raining again and this time, it didn’t let up.  So, I had to call it.  But, it only took about another 15 minutes a couple days later to finish her up on a SUNNY day.  🙂

Anyway, Ms. V, I really had a great time working with you and despite the weather, I think it was an amazing session.

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