Wonderful Couple and their Pups!!!
{Delevan Wisconsin Family Photographer}

A few months ago we donated a session for a fundraising event for the Lakeland Animal Shelter and this wonderful couple won the silent auction certificate.  They called right away and we scheduled our session.  Now, I am not a “pet” photographer but I do a lot of sessions, families, children, high school seniors etc… with their pets.  So, even though I am not your typical “pet” photographer, I love photographing families with their furry friends. 

Anyway, these two dogs were awesome.  They are Bernese Mountain Dogs.  One, the big fluffy one, was a young pup and full of energy and then there was the old boy and ohhhhh so sweet.  🙂  He has a lot of hip problems so didn’t move really fast but you could see that he is a very happy guy and very much loved. 

Here is a little sneak peek of our session together.  🙂

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