Sporty Senior Guy…Class of 2013!!!
{West Allis Wisconsin High School Senior Photographer}

This session was a lot of fun, especially when mom was trying to make him laugh to get a “true” smile from him.  LOL…. It is very, very typically for a senior boy to want more of a serious senior session and very, very typically for mom to want at least a few smiles.  And, just so you know mom, mission accomplished.  We are working on Mr. Z’s photos now and you were successful in getting him to smile.  🙂 

Anyway, after the photos by the River and some urban looks, we went to his by the baseball diamond, then the football field and lastly, into the locker room.  🙂  What a lot of fun this session was and a LOT of variety.  🙂

Here is a little sneak peek for you Mr. Z.  We will have the rest ready for you very soon.  🙂

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