Madison Lingerie Shops for Gorgeous Intimates & Accessories

A woman in blue lace lingerie and large angel wings sits on a bench in a studio after shopping for madison lingerie

As a boudoir photographer, I get the unique chance to learn all about the power of lingerie. That little bit of clothing can positively transform the way a woman views her body by reminding her how fiercely sexy she is. Whether you want a way to boost your confidence or have been trying to find a way to spice things up, finding a local lingerie shop that gives you fabulous options in your size is extremely helpful. Here are three of my favorite Madison lingerie shops with some gorgeous intimates I’m positive you’ll love! 

3 Madison Lingerie Shops Making You Feel Fabulous Any Day of the Week

Contours Lingerie

Contours Lingerie is a shop that offers professional bra fittings to ensure you can buy your perfect size. The store offers pieces created by Tia Lyn, a local, award-winning designer. You’ll find over 180 sizes in various cuts and colors. From lacy push-up bras to satin chemises, the shop has everything you could possibly need to spice up your intimates. 

If you’re looking for something more laidback, the shop offers t-shirt bras, comfortable panties, fuzzy robes, and cozy pajamas. Their skincare products, as well as their wall of bath bombs, will ensure you have everything you need to pamper yourself. 

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SOMA has been a go-to for women looking for everyday intimates for years. Their bras go up to size I cups and size 44 bands. The shop offers bra fittings in-store so you can find your ideal size. You’ll have tons of colorful options that will do everything from give you a boost to blend in perfectly beneath a t-shirt. 

While the shop’s bras already have a fantastic reputation, their lingerie section is an absolute gem. Not only will you find comfortable yet sexy nighties, but you’ll also find accessories to help you style your look, such as silk robes and kimonos. 

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Torrid Curve

Torrid is a leader when it comes to plus-size fashions, and its lingerie section is a shining example. The shop carries bras with up to size H cups and size 54 bands. And while you can stock up on plenty of practical options, the shop is full of drop-dead sexy lingerie. 

You’ll find faux leather knit bralettes, strappy panties, and lace-up corsets. The shop has an entire boudoir section that will give you everything from modest, lacy chemises to sets that leave little to the imagination. You can find additional accessories, including garters, harnesses, and thigh-high tights. 

Madison Lingerie

By finding a local lingerie shop, you can have intimates that fit great and make you feel fabulous any day of the week! Check out these Madison lingerie shops so you can have unlimited options. 

If you need a way to show off your newest outfit, let’s chat! I’m a Madison-based photographer who loves creating photo sessions that make you feel like a total goddess. My goal is for every client to leave my studio knowing just how gorgeous they are. If you’ve been wondering whether boudoir photography is right for you, I would love to have a conversation and tell you all about it. Contact me today to find out more!

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