Get Fit & Flexible with Hot Yoga in Chicago At These 4 Studios

A woman in black lingerie runs a hand through her hair while laying upside down in a wicker egg chair after some hot yoga chicago

It’s no secret that yoga is an incredibly beneficial practice. Whether you’re using it to build up muscles or reduce the stress in your life, you can start to feel the effects immediately during that first class. If you have been looking to take things to the next level, it’s time to try out hot yoga! Because the heat gets your heart rate up, that easygoing flow quickly becomes a cardiovascular workout. Plus, the temps naturally increase your flexibility. Want to learn more about it? Then check out these studios for hot yoga in Chicago!

Find The Studio That Excites You For Some Hot Yoga In Chicago 


2736A N. Clark Street, Chicago, Illinois 60614

105F is a yoga studio with three (soon to be four!) locations across the Chicago area. This studio is devoted to helping you be your very best. They have classes that last 60-90 minutes. During these sessions, you’ll tap into your inner strength as you go through stretches designed to make you sweat! If Pilates is more your speed, they offer options for that as well. They also have Yin classes that let you unwind. 

A woman in a white shirt leans forward behind a wet pain of glass

Chicago Hot Yoga

4945 N Damen Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60625

Chicago Hot Yoga is a center that’s dedicated to providing classes for people of all ages and abilities. They provide a beginner-friendly hot yoga class where you can try out at your own speed. You can sign up for a day class, a class bundle, or a membership with unlimited classes. The studio offers classes that last up to 90 minutes. If you’re past the beginner stage, you can stop in for one of their trademark silent classes. 

Bikram Yoga

611 W Adams St, Chicago, Illinois 60661

Bikram Yoga Chicago is the go-to spot for hot yoga beginners. The studio has flexible class schedules that you can easily fit into your weekly routine. Their sessions last up to 90 minutes and lead you through different poses that will get you toned. They offer a discounted introductory month so you can see if the membership is right for you. From there, you can get package deals or sign up for monthly memberships. 

A woman in black lingerie runs a hand through her hair while laying upside down in a wicker egg chair after some hot yoga chicago

Ritual Hot Yoga

750 N. Franklin St., Chicago, Illinois 60654

Ritual Hot Yoga turns your Chicago practice into an experience! This center welcomes yogis of all levels to come in and move along to exhilarating playlists. You can sign up for unlimited memberships, or you can buy a 10-day pass and pop in as often as you’d like. With both options, you’ll also have a private session so you can get one-on-one guidance on the stretches. Following each class, you can clean up with their showers and essential oils. 

You Will Love The Feeling Of Some Good ​​Hot Yoga In Chicago

With hot yoga, you can kick your practice up a notch. Check out these Chicago hot yoga studios today so you can get started! 

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