The woods come alive in WI

So, many of you have heard of, heard literally, or even seen the 17 year cicada. Well, my kids love collecting the "annual" cicada (the locust). We knew we had them in the area so we decided to take a drive and find them. And all I can say is "oh my, the woods are alive" and the noise was phenomenal. Anyway, I thought I would share just to gross ya out. LOL Hopefully no one is looking at this while eating their lunch. Although, I have heard these little critters are packed with protein…… LOL

Click on the photos to enlarge them….. if you dare.  LOL

This is what the entire ground looks like. They emerge from the ground and they say that there are around 1.5 million bugs per acre…..


And these are the shells that they leave behind


and this is what every bush, brush and tree looks like…


And then we have this

_mg_4845 _mg_4852 _mg_4855

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