My Grandma….

This photo is very special to me.  This is my Grandma and her 6 Great Grandchildren.  My Grandma passed away suddenly on July 2nd.  We were all in shock, and I think we still are.  My Grandma was with us, her friends and her family, on Sunday July 1st for our annual 4th of July celebration and she was gone on Monday July 2nd.  She would have been 80 years old this September and we were in the process of planning her birthday party.  We all still can’t believe she is gone.

So, this message is for ALL of you.  Take those pictures NOW.  Don’t wait.  This message goes for myself as well.  "What?"  You ask.  "You’re a photographer."  Well, yes, I am a photographer.  But even I "don’t" take pictures.  I take portraits.  Yes, portraits have a LOT of meaning and look great hanging on your wall to make your house into a home.  But, what I am talking about is pictures.  Not portraits.  Just plain ole’ snap shots.  Forget about lighting and perfect hair or outfits and take those snap shots to remember those "everyday" occasions.  See, I was "waiting" to take that "perfect" portrait of my Grandma at her 80th birthday party.  I was planning on putting together a gorgeous family coffee table book for her.  However, I waited too long.  So, please, don’t be like me with regrets.  Take those pictures.  Carry your point n’ shoot in your purse and remember the moment.

I did however get this photo of my Grandma this past 2006 Christmas Eve with her 6 loving Great Grandchildren.  And, I am very thankful for this.

Dedicated to my Grandma "Joyce Smit"

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