Seniors, Seniors, Seniors! Class of 2010 and 2011
{Southeastern Wisconsin High School Senior Photographer}

First of all, I want to say thank-you and congratulations to everyone from the Class of 2010. The year is almost over and graduation is right around the corner. I want to wish each of you good luck on whatever life brings to you.. I’m sure you will all do great.
Also, don’t forget about graduation announcements.  Time is running out with a design deadline of June 15th, 2010.  So I encourage you, if you would like personalized announcement/invitations, to contact me soon. 

So, now, on to a contest…… it’s a battle of the referral. We did this last year with great success so I wanted to offer it up again. I will be giving away a $300 visa gift card to the class of 2010 senior who has used my portrait services and who refers the most class of 2011 seniors my way and a $100 visa gift card for second place.

The rules….

1. I need at least 3 or more referrals from you to consider it a win.
2. The referred class of 2011 senior MUST schedule a session by the contest deadline of Sept. 1, 2010 for you to receive a tally for that senior. Just calling and inquiring does not count.
3. The class of 2011 senior MUST mention YOUR name when they schedule the session. I can not and will not track it all down for you.
4. Contest ends September 1st with all referrals being in and scheduled and the winners will be announced on my blog on September 10th.   
Note: In case of a first place tie, first and second place prize will be totaled together ($400) and will be split between the 2 winners ($200 each).  In case of a 2nd place tie, two $100 visa gift cards will be awarded. 

So, what are you waiting for?  Start talking and earn some referral credits…. I know you want to. 🙂

Class of 2011….

There is still availability for June, July and August, but dates are starting to fill up fast. Remember to schedule your session in advance to ensure availability and reserve the date that works best for you.  To Schedule your session contact Kimberly Ann at or call 262-492-3893.

Reminder to check your SPAM folder

I have recently been made aware that some of my client emails have not been received.  Sometimes my return emails get caught in the recipients “spam” folders of their email accounts. If you have not received a response from me, within 24 hours (with the exception of weekends which may take a little longer) of emailing me, please check your SPAM folder or call 262-492-3893.

Thank-you, Kimberly!