Senior Guy – Class of 2011 Senior!!
{Southeastern Wisconsin High School Senior Photographer}

Another early morning session.  Last Friday evening was our scheduled session.  However, we just arrived at our location, got about 4 clicks of the shutter in and it started to rain.  Grrrrr…. Weathermen!!!!!  They said rain at 6pm so we went ahead and moved our session from 5;30 to 4:00 and it rained early.  LOL  However, with the session re-schedule, we beat the heat and humidity which it definitely was last Friday… and this morning was gorgeous and cool.  It was an awesome way to start a Wednesday.  🙂  And, I loved how Mr. E here said “wow, that wasn’t at all what I expected.  Very casual and laid back.  It wasn’t bad at all.”  Hmmmm…. music to my ears.  LOL  I always try to tell the kids, especially the boys, that it is a very painless experience.  But, they don’t always beleive me until we get going.  🙂  Glad you had a good time Mr. E and hope you were able to get a nap in.  HeeHee!  Here is a little sneak peek for you… enjoy!  🙂 While you are visiting my blog, feel free to click on the “add a comment” link below this post and leave me a comment.  I would love to know what you think so far.  Thank-you, Kimberly