Toto, Where are you? – Class of 2011 Senior!!
{Southeastern Wisconsin High School Senior Photographer}

S0, you’ve heard me talking a lot about the hot and humid weather this summer and complain about the mosquitoes.  Well, this session was not hot or humid and nope, no mosquitoes either. Actually, I don’t think the mosquitoes had a chance in the weather we dealt with yesterday.  50+ mile an hour winds and a bit on the chilly side.  I couldn’t believe how windy it was, it was crazy.  I was more worried about getting hit in the head from flying debris then I was about getting bit up by mosquitoes this time. LOL But, the sun was out and besides the whipping winds, it was actually a beautiful day so we went ahead with the session to give it a try.  And, I have to say, I think we rocked it.  🙂  We found a couple of different areas where we could bucker down between some buildings to try to block us from the wind and I do have to say that I think it worked.  🙂  Although the phrase of the day was “ok, go ahead and fix your hair.”  LOL  I really do love the wind blown look but not the “it” look from the Adams Family.  Haha!  However, Ms. D here looked beautiful regardless and has the most intense and gorgeous eyes.  🙂  Anyway, Ms. D, I know you are anxious for your sneak peek so here it is.  While you are visiting my blog, feel free to click on the “add a comment” link below this post to leave me a comment.  I would love to know what you think so far.  Thank-you, Kimberly