Rambunctious Little Girl and Her Quiet Older Brother!!!
{Burlington WI Child Photographer}

This day was a little scary weather wise.  Sun out, sun not out, sun out, sun not out… and so on and so forth…. No sun doesn’t scare me but when the no sun produces dark rain clouds, that’s another story all together.  On the way to the session, I did hit one of those rain clouds but that was about it for rain.  Thank goodness.  It ended up being perfect weather for a May day.  Anyway, this little 3 1/2 year old stink pot Ms. M sure gave me a run for my money.  Run, run, run….. away from me.  LOL  The beginning of the session she hammed it up though and then she was quickly done.  So, while we were waiting for Ms. M, I got to focuse on the very quiet and cooperative Mr. G.  While photographing Mr. G, Ms. M was eating her french fries from McDonald’s.  I think that gave her a second wind because she was right on target again after that.  🙂  They were both so cute and neither one of them was afraid of the camera.  Which of course, I love.  🙂 Anyway, it was great meeting mom and her two adorable kiddos.  🙂

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LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this…. 🙂