Little One Year Old Sweet Pea!
{Lake Geneva WI Child Photographer}

OMG…. this little one, I just loved her to pieces.  Within the first 10 minutes of meeting her she was putting her arms up to me and she wanted me to pick her up.  Most one year olds while I am photographing them love to get up and run “from” me giggling all the way…. this little one kept running “to” me with her arms up.  Seriously cute.  I talked to mom today and told her I wanted to come back to give Ms. L a hug.  LOL  It’s only been a week since I photographed her and I already miss her.  Hahaha…. Anyway, we went to some family private property way hidden in Lake Geneva.  Dirt roads all the way through.  My hubby had to give me car a bath when I go home that night.  He was wondering were in the heck I was.  Hmmmm…. LOL  Anyway, this property was absolutely gorgeous.  I loved everything about it.  Wonder if I could work out some kind of deal with this family so that I could photograph there again.  Hint, hint…. but, hmmmm…. not sure I could remember how to get there.  LOL

Ok, ok, enough gibber gabber from me and onto some gorgeous images of beautiful and sweet Ms. L.  🙂

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