{Kenosha WI Child Photographer}

We had a pretty uncertain start to this session.  We were both a good half an hour away from our session location.  It was a pretty cloudy gloomy day and the rain finally came in about 2 hours before the start of our session.  But….. it was very spotty rain clouds.  It was raining here by me and also by her.  But, that did not necessarily mean it was raining at our session location.  🙂  I have a contact in the area of the location we were going to be and he said “nope, no rain here.”  🙂  So, mom and I decided to go for it.  It was cloudy, kind of dark, thunder all around us but no rain.  Still unsure if we were going to get the session in or not and not wanting to mess with the kids to much with clothing changes and whatnot, we thought we would just “play” and take a few shots of them and wait it out to see what the weather was going to do.  Hence the white onesies, blankies and the Elmo dolls…. LOL  But, even though those where not the intended session outfits, I thought they were cute, cute, cute.  So, to make a long story short…. we never did get any rain and by the time we were done with the session, the sun was out.  🙂 So, before I move onto the images, I have to say that these two twins, as cute as can be were also as sweet as can be.  They were actually glued to each others hips.  It was so funny.  Especially Ms. C, she would not leave Mr. I’s side… which by the way, made it really tough to get those individual shots.  LOL  Mom said “hey, they’re twins.  What do ya expect?”  LOL

Anyway, mom, it was a joy meeting you and your two cuties.  Thank-you for sticking it out with me and chancing the weather.  🙂

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