Urban Guy… Class of 2012!!!
{Southeastern WI High School Senior Photographer}

This was my first senior guy from the class of 2012 and as you can probably tell from skimming through my blog that I do mostly senior girl sessions.  I also do the guy sessions too but not as many as the girls and…. the guys always start tickling in a little bit later.  Unlike the girl who is soooooo excited that they literally try booking their senior pictures with me at the beginning of their “junior” year.  LOL  Anyway, it is really nice though to get a guy session in-between all the girls once in awhile.  Especially when he wants the urban feel and brings his guitar like this guy.  🙂 He was such a great sport and ya know the best part, especially hearing it from a guy?  When they say “hmmmm, that wasn’t so bad”  LOL  And my only come back to that is “duh, told you so”… hahahaha…

Anyway, Mr. A, it was a pleasure seeing you again and you were awesome to work with…. I am also happy to hear that it wasn’t all that painful.  J/K… 🙂

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