Beautiful Girl… Class of 2012!!!
{Mukwonago WI High School Senior Photographer}

This session…. hmmmm, what can I say?  Ohhhhh, I know what I can say… IT WAS HOT! And, I don’t just mean hot…. I mean we were on fire HOT!!!!  I have been out on hot days before, even heat advisory days…. but, nothing can compare to the heat and OMG the humidity the day of this session.  Ms. C here was a trooper I tell ya.  First off, not only was it hot, but we also ran into a few obstacles. before the session even started.  1) it started raining on the way to the session location and Ms. C did not panic.  2) we could not enter the park because there was a bike race and Ms. C did not panic (we found another way in… eventually LOL) 3) we had to wait for about 15 minutes before we could start the session for my camera to defog because of the humidity (never ever has happened to me before) and Ms. C did not panic….. so as you can see, Ms. C was awesome even through the obstacles and the heat and me promising her over and over, “I swear, I AM a professional.”  LOL  But, despite all the “issues” we had before we even started, it was an amazing session and I had a great time with Ms. C.  Plus, I think I lost at least 5lbs.  Yippee!!!  LOL

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