Sister Number 3… Class of 2012!!!
{Southeastern WI High School Senior Photographer}

This is sister number 3 of 3…. back to back.  Ms. M Class of 2010,  Ms. K Class of 2011 and now Ms. S from the Class of 2012.  I loved working with these girls and next year, I am going to be lost without them.  Ms. K (class of 2011) came to this session with her sister Ms. S (class of 2012) and I told them, ‘what am I going to do without you girls next year?  Tell your mom that she needed to have 10 more of you.”  LOL  It’s been an amazing 3 years working with this family and I am going to miss them dearly.  They do have a younger brother, so, I am hoping to see them again in a few years OR maybe they will decide to do a family photo session before all the kids are gone.  🙂  Once they are gone and out of the house, it’s hard to get them all back at the same time for a portrait session…. hint, hint mom.  LOL Anyway, Ms. S was just as wonderful to work with as her older sisters.  I had a photo session the day before this one that was miserably hot and humid and this day was “supposed” to be just as bad.  I was very close to re-scheduling for the first time ever due to heat.  But, we decided to give it a whirl and see if we could hang with in.  I am soooo glad we did as the due point that evening dropped. It was still hot out but with the falling due point it was gorgeous out and a perfect day for this session.

And to the “F” family, I had a wonderful 3 years with you and I hope for nothing but the best for you and your future.  Take care of yourself…. and be good to each other.  🙂

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Here are all 3 lovelies!!!