Happy 2nd Birthday Princess
{Oconomowoc WI Child/Family Photographer}

This little girl steals my heart every time I see her.  This is my 3rd session with her and her family and her parents are as wonderful as little Ms. I is.  The first session she was just a baby and that one was done in studio.  The next one was right before she turned one and now, right before her 2nd birthday which is today…. so, Happy Birthday Ms. I.  🙂  She is such a treat to photograph and such a character.  We would say “Ms. I, lets go over here” all nice and what not and she would look at you all serious and say “no, I’m fine”…. LOL Then as I was packing up to leave, mom and dad were going to take Ms. I for a swim in the pool… I was like hmmm, swimming???? as I grabbed my camera and followed them to the pool.  🙂 Hehe… I love my job.  🙂

Anyway, “H” family, it was really great seeing you again and oh my how Ms. I has changed.  She is getting cuter and cuter.  🙂  Thanks for inviting me over to capture yet another milestone.

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