Wonderful Family of 5… Oh Boy!!!
{Northern ILL Child/Family Photographer}

“Three little monkeys jumpin’ on the bed”….. “Snakes and snails and puppy dog tails”…..

What a fun session… mom and dad were like “OMG” but for me and my assistant Mary Ann (AKA, my studio manager, AKA my sister-in-law) we loved it.  They are fun loving, free spirited, let’s get dirty and not dress up for pictures little BOYS.  They sat still, and didn’t push each other (LOL) long enough to get the shot and that’s all I needed.  The rest of the time we just smiled and laughed. I should post some of the outtakes.  I bet that you would smile.  🙂  See, Mary Ann (studio manager) and I are married to brothers and, there is a 3rd brother as well.  So, we just laughed seeing these 3 BOYS together and imagining what it was like when our husbands were little.  We have heard stories of things they did to each other but trying to even begin to imagine it, that’s a whole different story.  LOL But, today, the 3 of them are best of friends.  🙂 So, needless to say, what a joy watching these 3 guys work together, play together and then push each other.  LOL

Mom and dad, it was an honor to meet you and your wonderful boys.  As I told you at the session “do not worry”…. just look at these beautiful photos of your beautiful family.  🙂  You should be proud of your little munchkins.  🙂

Anyway, I hope it was not to stressful for you and I hope you enjoyed your experience with Kimberly Ann Photography.

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