Young Sisters
{Southeastern WI Child Photographer}

These 2 little girls were soooooo cute, sooooooo good and soooooooo full of love, laughter and smiles.  I had so much fun photographing them and playing with them.  The little sister, Ms B, was so funny.  We put her down in the grass and I started snapping away… but, she wouldn’t put her arms down.  She smiled and laughed like crazy but we couldn’t figure out why she kept her arms completely extended out to her sides.  Then I thought, hmmmm, I think she’s afraid of touching the grass.  So then we moved to a bridge, no grass now…. we put her down and she would crawl like a mad little baby.  LOL  So yup, I think she was not liking the grass so much because after the bridge, we went back to a grassy area, and she didn’t move.  Makes my job easier.  Hahahaha!!!!  And Ms. C just loves her baby sister.  Kisses and hugs galore.  🙂  The bottom photo here had me rolling….. Ms. C is leaning in for a kiss and Ms. B is leaning away.  It looks like Ms. C is chasing her for a kiss.  LOL  I think Ms. B, if she could talk, would have said “no more kisses”…. hahahaha…. love it!

Anyway “A” Family, it was so wonderful meeting and working with all of you.  Your daughters are addorable and I had a blast “playing” with them.  I can’t wait to see them again.  🙂

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