Another Beautiful Senior Girl… Class of 2012!!!
{Franklin WI High School Senior Photographer}

This lovely young lady was not only beautiful and fun, but she was also extremely patient.  The weather was very, very interesting the day of our session to say the least.  Rain, sun, rain, sun etc… Our session was scheduled for 6:00pm but the weatherman said the rain was coming back around 6pm (remember this it’s an important part of my story LOL)… sooooo, we started early.  We were out for about 15 minutes or so and the clouds started rolling back in and it got really windy.  Then, you got it, the rain came in.  It was a little bit after 5.  We decided to “wait it out” until 6:00.  If it was still raining at 6:00 we were going to call it and re-schedule.  It really did not look like it was going to stop any time soon.  It was a pretty heavy, steady rain.  Then, no lie…. it stopped AT exactly 6:00.  And, not only did it stop raining, the sun came back out and it was gorgeous out.  Truly amazing…. however, if we wouldn’t have listened to the weatherman…. remember, they said rain coming in at 6:00, our session was scheduled for 6:00 and we started early…. but what actually happened…. the rain STOPPED at 6:00…. LOL  Oh well, all ended very, very well.  🙂

So Ms. M, I had an amazing time with you and thanks for sticking it out with me.  🙂

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