I loved this family and had so much fun with them.  Another session I wasn’t sure I would get in due to the weather…. no really, it rained all the way to the session location.  I was driving all the way there under a black cloud.  I could see the line of blue sky, but this black rain cloud was following me.  LOL  But, somewhere, somehow, that black cloud disappeared right as I arrived to the location and I could not have been happier with the beautiful weather Mother Nature gave me.  A little chilly and a tad windy but, besides that it was gorgeous.  Also, this was a new location for me and I loved, loved, loved it.  Anyway, this mommy to be (again) wanted an outdoor family/maternity session and now I can not wait to meet their new arrival in a few short weeks.  🙂

So, “F” family, while you are waiting to see the rest of your images, here is a tiny little sneak peek for you.  🙂  Also, please feel free to click on the “add a comment” link below this post to leave me a comment and/or click on one of the “sharing is sexy” buttons below this post to share with family and friends.  Thank-you, Kimberly