These little Cuties below entered our America’s Cutest Kid Contest to help raise funds for non-profit organization Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep whose mission is to provide professional portrait sessions to families suffering an early infant loss at no cost to the family in order to honor their child’s legacy and memory.  This contest is still underway as voting continues to determine America’s Cutest Kid.  You can see this contest here to see how your $1.00 vote can make a difference.

So, now on to Kimberly Ann Photography’s very own contest.  These cuties entered the America’s Cutest contest but I wanted to add our own little fun contest for them as well.  The winner with the most votes will receive 50% of their order total.  So, if their order total was $300, they will receive a check for $150.  If it was $500, they will receive a check for $250.  ETC…. Now, how’s THAT for a deal?

[here are the voting rules]
1.  Each person may vote for one photo, ONE TIME ONLY.  IP addresses will be tracked so please don’t try to be shady and try to vote more than ONCE please.
2. To cast your vote, leave a comment in the comment section below THIS post with the image number you are casting your vote for.  Please include your comment under this blog post ONLY.  Comments left under different blog posts will NOT count. 
Note: all comments are monitored and need to be approved before the comment/vote will be visible to you.  So please, only submit your comment/vote ONCE.
3.  Do you want TWO votes?  Then, if you’re not already a Fan of Kimberly Ann Photography on Facebook, come on over (click here Facebook) and hit the “Like” button on Facebook now.  Fans, and only fans, will get ONE EXTRA VOTE!   Then in the comments section below, include WITH your image number that you are voting for that you have become a fan on Facebook.  If you are already a fan (thank-you), say “already a fan on Facebook”  Please INCLUDE these two notes WITH your vote and do not comment twice.
4. Voting ends March 19th, 2012 at 10:00am and the winner will be announced on March 21st, 2012.
5.  Send this to ALL of your friends and family, call them, email them, post it on your facebook wall, ask your friends to past it on their wall, tweet it etc… and get those votes!
6. We reserve the right to remove any votes if for any reason we feel there is any cheating at all.  Please, Please play nice and do not ruin this fun for these contestants or any other possible contests that may be in the works from Kimberly Ann Photography.

Thank-you, Kimberly and Mary Ann

Voting Begins NOW…

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