Senior Model… Class of 2013!!!
{Southeastern Wisconsin High School Senior Photographer}

And yet another wonderful session with Ms. G.  This is session number 2 of 2 for her.  She is a senior model / class representative for Kimberly Ann Photography.  She jumped on our model call for the class of 2013 right away and because she was one of our early models, she received 2 sessions with us.  One in May and now her full session in July.  Our models receive a lot of perks and discounts for showing off their photos and sending new seniors our way.  We will be putting out the call for the Class of 2014 senior models within the next couple of months.  So, if you are a junior right now in the graduating class of 2014 or know someone who is, then make sure you are following our blog or make sure you “like” us on Facebook so you will be the first to know when we will be accepting applications for our model program.

Anyway, we had a weather conflict with our original session date, TOO HOT… like over 100deg too hot. The first time in our many years of business that we ever had to re-schedule due to heat.  🙁  So, we had to re-schedule to the following week and a couple of hours prior to our session time some major storms were blowing in.  Freaked me out for a second (that’s about how long the storm lasted LOL) but, that storm was awesome.  It was the cold front coming through…. temp dropped about 15deg, bright sun right behind the storm and it left some awesome puddles in our urban location.  HA!  🙂  But, the “cold front” again, only lasted a second because it was pretty warm out shortly after we started but it was a “perfect” warm, not a to warm.  Then Ms. G wanted to jump in the lake.  🙂  And who am I to say no?  It was sooooooo much fun and she truly is an outstanding model.  🙂

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Thank-you, Kimberly

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