Beautiful Senior Girl… Class of 2013!!!
{Waterford Wisconsin High School Senior Photographer}

Something a little new for us but, let’s play a little game and YOU can help Ms. J here win a free set of wallets.  K?  🙂

During our photo session, I kept thinking that Ms. J really looked like someone… but who?  I couldn’t put my finger on it.  And then when I was going through her photos, I knew right away who it was.  But, I am not going to tell you.  Not now anyway.  I want YOU to guess who I think she looks like. 

I will give you a couple of hints… Ms. J could be her daughter (so in other words this person is in her 40’s so if you are a teenager, you may not know who it is.  So, ask your parents to help you figure it out 🙂 ) and yes, this person IS a celebrity.  🙂

I will post a link to this blog post on Kimberly Ann Photography on Facebook.  Leave your answer on facebook directly in the comments section under the blog post link.  If someone gets the answer correct by end of day Saturday August 18th, 2012, Ms. J will win a free set of wallets.  🙂  Your answers MUST apprear on OUR Facebook business page.

This is just for fun but I want to know if anyone else sees it too.  🙂

Anyway, Ms. J… you can play too.  🙂 

I had a really great time working with you, I hope you had a great time too.  Here is a little sneak peek for you.  The rest will be ready really, really soon.  🙂

~Thank-you, Kim

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