BFF Session…Class of 2013!!!
{Waukesha Wisconsin High School Senior Photographer}

So sorry to everyone waiting on their blog sneak peek… they are coming, I promise.  We are just falling a little behind on the blogging as getting our clients images post processed and ready for viewing on time is our number one priority.  It has been crazy busy here at Kimberly Ann Photography and we are loving every minute of it but blogging is taking 2nd place/back burner to full session processing for viewing.  🙂

So, with that said, here is a session that I really enjoyed.  I love these Share-A-Sessions or AKA BFF Sessions.  What a blast I had with these two beauties.  🙂

Anyway, less talking and more sneak peek sharing.  🙂 

Here’s your sneak peek Ms. M and Ms. M…. I hope you enjoyed your session experience and your images so far.  The rest will be ready for you really, really soon.

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~Thank-you, Kimberly

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