Meet Beautiful Ms. A…Class of 2013!!!
{Milwaukee Wisconsin High School Senior Photographer}

Another Beautiful Class of 2013 senior and another awesome session….. and the weather… WOW.  Being the middle of November in Wisconsin, you just never do know what you are going to get.  The week prior to our session it was very windy and in the low 30’s and then for our session, sunny with no wind and in the high 50’s.  It was perfect.

We started out with a few family pictures with Ms. A, her mom and her 3 younger brothers and then we moved on to the senior portion of the session.  Ms. A rocked it.  She looked beautiful and did an amazing job.  🙂

I really enjoyed working with you and your family “A”.  I hope you had a good time and I will be talking with you soon.

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Thank-you, Kimberly 

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