I may have been a photographer for years now and in business as Kimberly Ann Photography now for almost 9 years but that does not mean I know everything about photography and it does not mean I am ready to stop learning, training and growing as an artist. I believe the person who thinks they know everything there is to know about their career choice, well, those are the ones who will stop growing. And, I am definitely not ready to stop growing because that is when I would be ready to just quit.

I go to many training workshops or seminars a year to keep growing and for inspiration and this one I just returned from was the most intense one I have ever been too yet.  It was called After Dark Education in St. Louis and it was 3 FULL days of non stop training.  From business, to lighting techniques, photoshop, indoor shooting, outdoor shooting etc… you name it, we did it.  My brain was on overload.  LOL  We started at noon everyday and it pretty much went until you called it quits which was close to 3:00am for me every night/morning.  It was an amazing experience and if they continue After Dark, I WILL be back.  And, for any other photographer reading this post, I HIGHLY recommend it.

Anyway, we had MANY mentors and even more models there to play with.  I however, am not a paparazzi type shooter.  I like to sit back and watch and learn rather than trying to jump in a get the shot.  I learn by watching, taking photos of the set-ups and notes.  Lots and lots of notes.  But, this photo below, I just had to get in on it.  This shooting area was The Walking Dead shoot-out and just for fun.  It was 11pm and my brain turned off for the night so I joined this shoot-out and I’m glad I did.  It was so fun watching the mentors set-up for this.  We were at the Union Station in St. Louis and a portion of the mall was closed for construction so they opened it up just for us.

So, here it is…. Just for fun… The Walking Dead…..

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