Vanessa here is another one of our Class of 2014 senior model representatives.  The beginning of our session was rough… I mean really rough.  We were at the lake, on an open pier and the wind was horrendous and being in the wide open, there was no shelter to help us.  So, then we went down lower onto the beach hoping that would be better, but nope, it wasn’t.  So, I had to make the executive decision to head to our urban portion of the session and do a re-shoot by the water at a later date.  We went to the urban location and that went really, really well due to the buildings blocking that wind.  After the urban portion, we decided to give the beach one more try hoping the wind had died down… and it did so we were able to finish out the session.  So, moral of the story, NEVER give up.  🙂

Anyway, if you know Vanessa and are interested in scheduling your high school senior portraits with Kimberly Ann Photography, make sure you ask Vanessa how you can save on your portrait session.

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Thank-you, Kimberly

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