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“This was my first and only boudoir session ever:))) I wanted to mark an era of time turning 53 and go out of my comfort zone. I had in the last year battled the lovely Menopause and gained 25 lbs along with that. I took 5 months of some serious changes to achieve some personal goals and reached them. The session was to mark that and I was hoping to gain a better perspective to love myself in my body rather than continue to feel self conscious of all it’s been through. We are our worst critics they say but I think I’m probably the worst~lol. I did go into it hoping to have a small album made for someone special IF I liked what I looked like.

I had known two women who went through Kimberly Ann but only after I had already reached out to her and when I messaged her we connected right away and she made me feel SO comfortable it was simply the easiest and best decision EVER!!!

I had no expectations as I had already promised myself I wouldn’t get nervous or overthink it, and just allow myself to enjoy and completely be free. That being said, it’s still hard to just jump right in but let me say Kimberly has a way of making you feel like it’s by far the most natural thing and she made me feel like a rockstar doing it! It was so empowering I think every woman should do this at least once in their life to appreciate who we truly are and love ourselves. She made me feel beautiful inside and out~truly.

I loved ALL OF IT… from the beginning to being pampered with hair and makeup, to following her cues for the photos and most definitely the follow up photo reveal when Kimberly stopped me in my tracks and showed me the beauty she captured. I had for so long held an image in my head and that’s what I always saw and fought but during the photo reveal and having her walk me through each picture she opened my eyes and I gained that perspective I had hoped for to appreciate me rather than compare myself to what society says is supposed to be. And the best is I look at the photos daily to remind myself and it is beyond my own vocabulary to find the words to express what this has done for me. I now see MYSELF and I have to say I’m proud to be me now.”

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