Discover the Best Spas in Milwaukee for Total Stress Relief

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Is it me, or have the last few years felt extra stressful? It seems like every day brings another round of bad news, and we’re constantly trying to make sense of it all while feeling overworked and poorly rested. We’re all walking around with bags under our eyes, desperately hoping for a break. If you’ve been feeling super stressed lately, it’s time for a spa day! By scheduling a little bit of TLC, you’ll feel equipped to take on whatever new thing your week has in store. If that sounds like something you need, let me introduce you to the best spas in Milwaukee

Treat Yourself to the Top Spas in Milwaukee for a Rejuvenating Experience

The Pfister Well Spa

The Pfister Well Spa is an award-winning destination with an extensive menu of restorative treatments. The spa has two private rooms with personal bathrooms, walk-in showers, and heated floors. You can choose from mud baths, intensive massages, waxing, and skincare. You can add on massage enhancements, including cupping and dry brushing. The spa has a salon on-location that can provide hair services, professional makeup application, manicures, and pedicures. 

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Neroli is a spa and salon with five locations around the Milwaukee area. The center is dedicated to providing you with a tranquil experience. Their facials are customized to your skin’s needs, while their massages blend techniques to ensure you leave feeling fully rejuvenated. You can add enhancements, including cupping, scalp massage, and reflexology. The shop is one of the few in the area that offers Ayurveda medicine, a holistic healing practice to prevent diseases and restore balance within your body. You can get it as a whole treatment or a service enhancement. 

Studio D Day Spa

Studio D Day Spa offers massages, facials, and full-body treatments. While you’re always welcome to book their stand-alone services, their spa day packages will ensure you can spend some quality time focusing on yourself. You can combine their standard services with scalp massages, foot reflexology/massage, hot stone options, and more. These packages will last 2-5 hours and leave you feeling like a brand-new person. You can also book manicures and pedicures. 

A woman in floral black lingerie lays across a fur blanket in a studio after visiting spas in milwaukee

Juniper Spa & Body 

Juniper Spa & Body is a shop owned and operated by Meg Dionne. Meg is an experienced aesthetician, makeup artist, and master waxer. During her facials, she’ll pay attention to your skin and customize the products to treat it with what it needs. Meg prides herself on building relationships with her clients and will make sure your appointment is positively restorative. Whether she’s doing your wedding makeup or helping you get rid of unwanted hair, you’ll be treated with the utmost care. 

Spas in Milwaukee

You deserve the chance to sit back, relax, and let yourself be pampered. With these spas in Milwaukee, you’ll receive life-changing treatments to make things feel a little easier to handle. 

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