Get Smooth Results with A Professional Chicago Waxing Salon

A woman covers herself with a gold sheet while sitting against a wall in a studio after visiting a chicago waxing salon

As a boudoir photographer, you quickly find out people’s preferences regarding bodily hair. While I’m all for women making their own decisions on whether or not to let it grow, I understand that sometimes, you want a solution that will let you effortlessly keep things smooth. While shaving is always an option, it can leave you with uneven results and uncomfortable ingrown hairs. Booking a waxing appointment will leave you with great results that last for weeks. If you’re looking for a Chicago waxing salon, then I’d love to tell you about four I highly recommend! 

Stay Effortlessly Smooth With A Chicago Waxing Salon

Painless Waxing Boutique

3146 N. Lincoln Avenue

Chicago, Illinois 60657

When it comes to booking a waxing session in Chicago, you really can’t do any better than a salon called “Painless.” This adorable studio is run by estheticians who want to make this experience as relaxing as possible. They’ll explain everything you need to know before your session so you can come in completely prepared. The office offers both conventional waxing and sugaring. You can get services on your entire body, including the Brazilian, bikini, and booty area. They also offer threading, spray tans, facials, eyelash extensions, and teeth whitening. 

A woman in blue lace lingerie leans back on a clue couch in a studio

Brazilian Waxing Co

1200 N. Ashland Avenue

Suite 401A 

Chicago, Illinois 60622

Brazilian Waxing Co. is a cozy Chicago salon that offers waxing for everyone. You can get traditional Brazilian wax, modified Brazilian wax, bikini line wax, and pregnancy-safe Brazilian wax. The salon offers additional waxing services for your entire body. Brazilian Waxing Co. only books appointments through their website and requires full payment upfront. 

Trim Wax

2503 N Lincoln Ave 

Chicago, Illinois 60614

Trim Wax is a salon that turns waxing into a custom Chicago experience. Their waxing technicians will work with you to make you as comfortable as possible so your appointment doesn’t leave you feeling low-key traumatized. The studio has a no double-dip policy, guaranteeing your wax will be completely sanitary. You can book waxing, waxing maintenance, threading, tinting, and lash services. They offer package deals so you can get a complete glow-up without having to empty your bank account. 

A woman in grey lace lingerie lays on a fur rug with a finger on her lip after visiting a chicago waxing salon

Sugaring NYC 

1971 N. Halsted Street

Chicago, Illinois 60614

If waxing isn’t in the cards for you, sugaring might be a better option. Sugaring is a process that uses a paste for hair removal, and it can be the ideal choice for sensitive skin. It doesn’t leave you feeling sticky, and it delivers the same results as conventional waxing. Sugaring NYC paved the way when it came to this budding option. They offer full-body services, including brazilian and bikini sugaring. The salon has over 100 locations across the United States, including 5 in Chicago. 

Chicago Waxing Salon

With a Chicago waxing salon, you can have smooth skin you just can’t wait to show off. And if you need the perfect person to help you do just that, let’s talk!

I’m a Chicago-based boudoir photographer, and I absolutely love working with women to plan empowering photo sessions. I know the process of booking boudoir portraits can be intimidating, and I’m here to make it much easier. I’ll guide you through every step while helping you unleash your inner goddess. If you’ve been considering booking some boudoir photos, I would love to chat so you can decide whether it’s right for you. Contact me today to get the conversation started!

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