Planning a Chicago Bachelorette Party? Here’s What You Need to Know!

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Getting to plan a bachelorette party is a pretty great honor. Whether you’re taking charge of your own party or are making plans for your bestie, this should be a night everyone remembers forever. Chicago has no shortage of places that will make your night completely unforgettable. Here are the best places to go for a Chicago bachelorette party!

Plan An Unforgettable Chicago Bachelorette Party With These Fun Activities!

Chicago Distilling Company

2359 N Milwaukee Ave

Chicago, Illinois 60647

Chicago Distilling Company is a woman-operated cocktail bar inspired by the moonshiners of the Prohibition era. This cozy brick bachelorette party venue gives you a variety of drinks made with their specialty Chicago spirits. You’re able to bring your own food and feast as you enjoy their artisan cocktails.

Chicago Food Tour

The Chicago Food & City Tours are a great option for foodies planning a bachelorette party. The journey will let you experience the city through the best restaurants around! They offer private tours where gifts are dropped off at the last destination. Throughout your tour, you’ll walk from place to place and raise a toast or two to the bride-to-be. 

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Bunny Slope 

15 E Ohio St. 

Chicago, Illinois 60611

Everyone knows the best part of skiing is the post-slope recovery. The Bunny Slope gives you the chance to relax inside a lodge without ever stepping foot in the snow. The cocktail bar is located inside the Chicago ACME Hotel and features bubbling hot tubs and premium drinks ready for a bachelorette party. The bar is completely private, so you can have it all to yourself. 

AIRE Ancient Baths Chicago

800 West Superior Street

Chicago, Illinois 60642

AIRE Ancient Baths Chicago is a bath house located inside a restored factory. You can book a unique experience that will leave you feeling completely rejuvenated. They offer massages as well as different baths, including a hot bath, an ice bath, and a steam room with aromatherapy.

The Second City

230 W North Avenue

Chicago, Illinois 60614

The Second City is an iconic Chicago spot that has been the launching pad of countless modern comedians entertaining bachelorette parties. You’re able to drop in and watch an improv show from budding entertainers while enjoying a drink and some delectable bar from the 1959 Kitchen. 

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Bombshell Movement Studio

2028 Michigan Avenue

Chicago, Illinois 60616

Bombshell Movement Studio is a pole dancing studio that offers private classes. Their goal is to not just teach you erotic dances but also to empower you in the process. You can choose your level of party and have a teacher show you all the moves. The studio can help you learn other kinds of dances, including lap dances and chair dances that would make even Taylor Swift blush.

Book a Boudoir Session

A boudoir session will give you the chance to break out the lingerie and take some absolutely sexy pictures. It might feel a little intimidating, but trust me. A good photographer will make sure you feel comfortable at all times, and by the end, I can guarantee you’ll feel completely stunning. While the boudoir photos are the ideal surprise for your future spouse, they also act as a special gift to you. They’ll boost up your confidence while giving you a way to celebrate your body. 

Chicago Bachelorette Party

Planning the perfect night for a Chicago bachelorette party can seem daunting because of all there is to do in town. But hopefully, some of these fun activities make the list for an unforgettable night out before saying “I do!”

If you need someone to take your boudoir portraits, I would love to help you out! I adore using my sessions to hype you up and make you feel drop-dead gorgeous! I would love to have a conversation with you and tell you all about my style so you can decide if I’m the photographer for you. Let’s chat today!

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