Unlock New Fitness Possibilities With Barre Classes In Milwaukee

A woman in blue lace lingerie lays upside down on a large wicker chair in a studio after some barre classes milwaukee

Getting active is one of the hardest habits to build. The first few workouts can be grueling, leading to sore muscles that ache every time you take a step. Plus, exercise takes constant commitment. It’s easy to fall back into old habits after just a few skipped workouts. What you need is an engaging class that will encourage you to build up friendships with other students. Not only will this keep you accountable, but it will also make you want to show up again and again. If you’re looking for an exciting way to work out, you should check out a barre class. These dance-inspired exercises use upbeat music and fun environments to keep you coming back. Here are my favorite barre classes in Milwaukee.

Put Excitement Back Into Working Out With These ​​Barre Classes In Milwaukee 

Barre Collective

1633 Rawson Ave., South Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53172

Barre Collective is a Milwaukee studio operated by passionate instructors who love teaching students the power of barre classes. They offer different levels of membership, including bundles and unlimited classes. They also offer a variety of different classes so you can find the one that fits you perfectly. Their Barre Lyte lasts for 45 minutes and will teach you all the basics, while their Barre Interval spends 30 minutes sculpting your muscles with intensive moves. In addition, they offer session classes so you can come back each week and continue to build on your skills.

A woman in black lace lingerie and fishnets lays upside down in a large wicker chair after barre classes milwaukee

Barre Milwaukee

5211 West North Ave., Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53208

Barre Milwaukee is a studio that makes it easy to get started on your fitness classes journey. The center offers regular deals, including buy-one-get-one and class bundles. You can sign up for a monthly autopay subscription so you can automatically get brand-new classes each month. All of the classes are modified so people of every fitness level can feel free to join in. They offer express classes, classic classes, sculpting classes, and yoga-inspired classes. They also give you the chance to sign up for private classes or liven up your birthday party by renting out the event space. 

Barre District

1014 E Washington Ave., Madison, Wisconsin 53703

Barre District offers flexible class schedules you can easily fit into your Milwaukee schedule. The studio has low entry fees, so you can try it out with minimal risk. Their classes are perfect for every fitness level and will work with you to build up your endurance. Their belief is that barre is for everybody. Their inclusive space invites you to come in and get connected without the intimidation you might feel in traditional gyms. The studio offers traditional barre and barre interval. They also have a HIIT class called Barre Fight, which takes classic barre methods and combines them with a Tabata workout. 

​​If You Love To Move With The Music, Then These Barre Classes In Milwaukee Are For You!

By signing up for an exercise class you love, getting active can actually be fun! Check out these Milwaukee barre classes today so you can get moving. 

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