Say Goodbye to Waxing And Try Sugaring in Madison, WI

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Waxing can be incredible for getting rid of unwanted hair, but it’s not for everyone. For one thing, it hurts! Waxing gives new meaning to “beauty is pain.” Plus, it can be awful for people with sensitive skin. There’s not much use in replacing your body hair with a red and angry rash. If you’re looking for a different maintenance option, sugaring might just be the thing for you. This process uses a sugary paste and only sticks to dead skin cells, which means you don’t have to dread the second the paper comes out. If you’ve been considering trying it out, I would love to tell you about the best places for sugaring in Madison, WI.

You Will Love The Feeling Of Sugaring In Madison, WI 

B a r e

245 Horizon Drive #107, Verona, Wisconsin 53593

B a r e is your destination for hair removal. The Madison, WI center offers threading, waxing, and sugaring. They use a 100% natural, hypoallergenic paste for your skin. They request that before your service, you let your hair grow ⅛ of an inch. While you’re there, you can relax with a facial lasting 30-90 minutes.

Velvet Waxing Studio

127 W Johnson Street, Madison, Wisconsin 53703

Velvet Waxing Studio is a woman-owned wax and sugaring studio located in the heart of downtown Madison, WI. The center offers several options for sugaring, including bikini, velvet, and Brazilian areas. They request that you exfoliate the area ahead of your appointment and let your hair grow to ¼ of an inch. They go out of their way to ensure their customers have the best experience possible. 

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Belle’s Wax Studio

717 N. High Point Road, Madison, Wisconsin 53717

Belle’s Wax Studio is a space opened by a licensed esthetician with over 12 years of experience. When you come here, you can book several services, including facial treatments and non-laser permanent hair removal. The Madison, WI salon offers traditional waxing as well as sugaring. You’re able to get it done on your face, legs, Brazilian and bikini line. They request that you let your hair grow ¼-½ of an inch prior to your appointment. 

Monarch Salon

1715 Thierer Road, Madison, Wisconsin 53704

Monarch Salon is a studio staffed by professionals passionate about staying up-to-date on the latest beauty treatments. They offer hair stylists, nail technicians, and skincare pros. The salon offers an alternative to waxing called Nufree Nudesse. While this option doesn’t use sugar, it does use a similar method and still leaves your skin feeling completely smooth without the pain and redness. You can get it on your entire body, including for a Brazilian. 

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The Spa at Autumn Organics

804 Liberty Blvd #103, Sun Prairie, Wisconsin 53590

The Spa at Autumn Organics can turn your appointment into a magical experience. While you can definitely just come in for a quick treatment, why not turn it into a spa day with their specialty packages? The center offers facials, massages, spray tanning, and body treatments. They can also provide Madison, WI clients with full-body sugaring. 

I Hope You Just Found Your New Go-To Spot For Sugaring In Madison, WI

With these salons offering sugaring In Madison, WI, your skin can look smooth and feel great! Check them out today for your best skin yet! 

If you need the perfect way to show off your results, let’s chat. I’m a Madison boudoir photographer, and I adore working with women to bring out their confidence. If you’ve ever wondered whether boudoir photography is right for you, I would love to have a conversation with you and tell you more about it. Let’s chat soon!

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