Discover 4 Studios for Microblading in Milwaukee for Effortless Brows

A woman in red lingerie lays across a fur blanket in a studio surrounded by candles

When you’re doing your makeup, it’s important to spend time on the focal points of your face. By focusing on your cheeks, lips, and brows, you will have the perfect canvas for any look you could possibly want. With permanent makeup services, you can achieve all this without the constant maintenance. If you have been considering booking a microblading appointment to save time on your brows, I would love to tell you about the best microblading in Milwaukee. With these experts, you can have a look that perfectly suits your face and cuts down your routine. 

Find The Look Of Your Dreams At These Studios For Microblading In Milwaukee


5328 W Vliet St., Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53208

For nearly 10 years, BrowtiqueMKE has been helping people get their ideal brows. The center has been around for a lot of trends over the past decade. As a result, they know how to create a timeless look that you’ll love. They use a one-on-one approach to know what you want for your brows. At this Milwaukee studio, you can book permanent eyeliner, tooth jewelry, lash lifts, brow lamination, and microblading. 

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Wow Brows MKE

1910 N Farwell Ave, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202

Wow Brows MKE relies on the sole artistry of the owner, Melissa, for your services. Melissa has been there to help hundreds of people get their dream look. She will sit down with you and find out what you’re looking for before creating a plan. You can book eyebrow microblading, combo brows, and powder brows. If you want to keep your brows looking their best, you can stop back in the Milwaukee studio for some microblading touch-up services. 

Brow Studio Milwaukee

10901 W Sunset Ln, Greenfield, Wisconsin 53228

Brow Studio Milwaukee provides appointment-only microblading services to keep you looking great without the constant work. They will walk you through the entire process to make sure you can keep the results looking great long after you leave the studio. You can book microblading, ombre brows, and combination brows. They have maintenance appointments to keep your brows looking their best between the full services. You can also book other permanent makeup, including lip blushes. 

A woman in blue lace lingerie lays on a bed in a studio with candles and a mirror after Microblading Milwaukee

Levics Salon

6115 W Bluemound Rd., 53213

Levics Salon provides you with three levels of artists for your brow services. The team can work with you to reconstruct your brows, create your ideal shape, and fill in any gaps you might have. You can book both microblading and ombre brows. They suggest that you come back in 6-8 weeks later for a retouching appointment to ensure your brows look their very best. The salon regularly offers discounts so you can get expert services while saving some money. 

You Will Love Your New Look Thanks To Any Of These Microblading In Milwaukee

If you want brows that last, check out these Milwaukee microblading studios. With their services, you can have gorgeous brows without the constant products or maintenance. 

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