All Boy!!!
{Milwaukee WI Child Photographer}

I was very excited for this session.  I mean, who would not love a cut and rambunctious 2 year old boy?  I love these kind of sessions.  They are just so curious at this age and go about their business while I follow them around with my camera and capture those sweet sincere looks.  🙂  This session had to be re-scheduled due to Mother Nature but it all worked out in the end.  We did an early Saturday morning session and it was just gorgeous out and Mr. B was wide awake and ready to explore.  I think the best part of our session, besides his adorable dimples, was how much he loved watching and chasing a goose.  LOL 

Anyway, mom, dad and Mr. B, it was really nice meeting the 3 of you and I hope you had a good time.  Here is a little sampling of your session that you can share with family and friends if you would like. Just click on one of the “sharing is sexy” buttons below this post and share away.  Also, while you are here visiting my blog, feel free to click on the “add a comment” link below this post to leave me a comment.  I would love to know what you think.  Thank-you, Kimberly