Senior Guy… Class of 2013!!!
{Southeastern Wisconsin High School Senior Photographer}

Note to clients: Do not mow the grass, do not plow the weeds down, no do not remove your “junk” from the yard and definitely, do not paint your fences before I arrive. I WILL search out your property for the broken down, unpainted fences, the weediest area of your property and I will love the broken down camper that’s been sitting it the back yard for years and years that your boys used to use as a paintball target. All this supposed “junk” and weeds are my favorite places to shoot your photo session. 🙂
This family knew all the rules and they know how I role.  I photographed their older son 4 years ago and they left everything as is for me 4 years later.  🙂  Awesome!!!!!!
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~Thank-you, Kimberly

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