So, you may have all noticed (or maybe not LOL) that our recent blog posts lately have been missing a little something.  All of our latest posts have been sneak peek pictures only, no text.  Our clients have been keeping us really, really busy lately and to not miss out on the sneak peeking, to save time, we have been posting just the images without our typical rambling on about the session.  But, man, do I love to ramble on about the sessions. LOL  🙂

So, as we are still trucking along and still keeping really busy, we can not guarantee text on all the posts, but we will try.  And hey, I may be fooling myself and thinking you all missed it as well.  LOL

Anyway, so now I get to talk about this little guy, Mr. R.  Last year we started a Baby’s First Year Package and Mr. R is our very first graduate. We did the maternity session, newborn, sitting up (7ish months) and now his one year photo session.  He is not quite one yet, will be in a couple of weeks but boy oh boy is he on the move now.  LOVE it…. it was so, so fun to watch him grow through all of his stages of his first year of life.  What a beautiful and easy going baby boy.  🙂

It was wonderful working with you “F” family and I hope to see you all again soon.

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Thank-you, Kimberly

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