Beautiful Girl!!!
{Delevan Wisconsin Portrait Photographer}

This is one beautiful girl and a very fun session.  We completed 2 sessions in 2 days.  In-studio day one and outdoors day two.  We tried a few times to do the two sessions in one day but had weather issues both times.  So, we finally got outdoors this week.  It was gorgeous out but it was cold, cold.  Here I am in my winter jacket, a scarf, boots etc…. and her, well, see the photos below.  LOL  Poor thing, she was freezing but she did a WONDERFUL job and sucked it up.  Ha!  What a gorgeous sky we had that evening as well… Just beautiful and all those gorgeous colors where bouncing right off the lake.  It really was breathtaking and then add in a beautiful model = outstanding.  🙂

Anyway Ms. K, it was wonderful working with you.  Here is a little sneak peek of our sessions together.  I will be in contact with you when the rest are ready.

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Thank-you, Kimberly

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