Busting the Excuses! {Wisconsin and Illinois Boudoir Photographer}

A woman in green lace lingerie falling off her shoulder lays across a bed in a studio before planning with milwaukee date night ideas

Let’s talk about what’s holding you back. I guarantee I’ve heard it before. I promise, you are not alone. So, lets bust through your excuses. When we get nervous, we make excuses. We make excuses not to love ourselves or take care of ourselves. Sometimes life is just busy, we are too crazy at work, or always have to drive someone SOMEWHERE. Sometimes it’s more important to spend time with our spouse. We also use excuses like “I wanna lose 15 lbs first!” and “I just don’t have the money right now!” I wanted to write this to show you all that no matter the excuse, you CAN do it! Let me show you that no matter the excuse, you are worthy of self love!


Let me tell you; you do not need to lose 5 lbs…or 10 lbs…or 20 lbs. You need to love yourself. Right now! Did you know that the body type portrayed in advertising as the ideal is possessed naturally by only 5% of American Females? ONLY FIVE PERCENT!

Take that excuse about your weight and throw it out the window. Because you know what? I’m a PRO at posing. I can do more with lighting, posing, and angles than you can do in 6 months at the gym. Really.

We ALL have body issues and we as women are so damn hard on ourselves, which is all the more reason to have a boudoir photo shoot. There is no better day to start loving yourself than today.

If you insist of losing a few pounds before your session, book your session NOW for 2 or 3 months out and have a goal in mind. When you have something to shoot for and a target date, goals are more achievable.

A woman in black lace lingerie lays upside down in a large wicker egg chair


I get it. Investing in yourself is hard! Whether that investment is time or money.  As a woman, I’m always putting other people first—my husband, my kids…even the dog.

Sound familiar? But it’s time to do something for you. It’s time you reclaimed yourself. It’s time you invested in yourself, your well-being and your confidence. You deserve it too. 


I talk to women every day and you know what they say their biggest fear about having a boudoir session is? You guessed it. It’s Posing.The good news is you have nothing to worry about! I’m here to make you look amazing. I’m an expert at posing and lighting and will shoot from angles that make you look your best from head to toe. I’m confident you’re going to be blown away by how good you look. Just show up and I’ll do the rest (I’ll even do the poses first to show you).

A woman in green lace lingerie falling off her shoulder lays across a bed in a studio before planning with milwaukee date night ideas

So, in conclusion, I have heard it all and I do not think it’s a secret that most women struggle with self image. Why do we struggle with this? I think it’s because too often, we internalize the unrealistic physical expectations that are portrayed through the media and often feel dowdy, unappealing, and inferior. I’m here to tell you, that you’re lovely.

Some of us have forgotten what it’s like to feel beautiful and strong. We are too busy with our lives, our families, our jobs. We feel tired and sometimes, a little unappreciated. Some of us are trying to fit into an impossible ideal of perfection. Have you ever thought that things would be better if you could just fix one little thing? You won’t find perfection by losing a few pounds or trying to hide each wrinkle or imperceptible blemish. A boudoir session is wonderful way to take a little time for you and can help you feel confident, strong and beautiful again. You are truly beautiful right now and a boudoir session will remind you of this every time you look at your images. When you see how fabulous you are, the confidence that exudes from your photos will spill over into other areas of your life. ❤️❤️❤️

It’s not about how you look but rather how you feel about the way you look. Confidence is truly a beautiful thing. Confidence is what we all need. Confidence, self acceptance and personality is what I bring out in the women I photograph. I need you to know you’re perfect now. It is my job to coach and find the model that I know is in you.

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