Why I Do What I Do!


“Seeing the pictures. I never felt so beautiful.”

“I was high on life after the experience. On cloud nine. There was a sort of type of euphoria the whole weekend. Let me tell you going grocery shopping when you are all dolled up is such a confidence boost. Thanks Kimberly for all that you do….. lots of love and gratitude.” 

“The moment I saw my pictures, I wanted to tear up. They were so beautiful!! Thank you Kim!!”

“Thanks again and I can’t wait to see the rest. My husband is going to love them and really appreciate my beauty.”

These are just a few words are from ladies just like you. They were apprehensive and unsure. They were nervous and scared. They were self conscious and had low self esteem just like so many other women out there. But after their sessions, they leave me in tears with their words. It is one of my missions to make as many ladies as I can smile, cry tears of happiness and find their confidence. This is WHY I love my job and what I do. 🙂 I love being able to show you what you look like in someone else’s eyes.


When you arrive for your session, it is very typical to feel nervous and unsure. This is mostly like a huge step outside of your comfort zone. You’re a little sweaty, shy, and not knowing what to expect. This is so normal and you are not alone. However, I promise you that our team is here to help you feel as comfortable as possible and while you are getting your hair and makeup done, I with be with you. Chatting with you, getting to know you and you are getting to know me as well. So then by the time we are ready to enter into the session portion, you are ready to go and excited like the nerves never existed. You will wonder what took you so long to schedule your session with KAP.

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