The Best Milwaukee Laser Hair Removal Salons for Smooth Skin

A woman in daisy dukes stands with a hand under her butt in a studio after using milwaukee laser hair removal

We all have to deal with body hair, and while some people embrace it, others would prefer it if it was gone forever. As a boudoir photographer, I learn all about people’s preferences. As a result, I also know the best places in the city for hair removal. While waxing and shaving are always perfectly good options, they’re temporary and can lead to uncomfortable ingrown hairs. If you’re looking for the best way to get rid of hair for good, these Milwaukee laser hair removal salons will ensure you have smooth skin forever! 

Say Goodbye to Unwanted Hair with Milwaukee Laser Hair Removal 


13785 W North Avenue

Brookfield, Wisconsin 53005

Quintessa is a med spa dedicated to making laser hair removal as easy as possible. This salon offers treatment on all hair types and skin tones. They can help with underarms, facial hair, feet, and bikini lines. The salon will take approximately 5-10 minutes to perform the treatment, and you’ll return 1-2 months later to get a second treatment so it can stay gone. 

Milwaukee Laser & Body Aesthetics

W189 N22200 Kleinmann Dr

Germantown, Wisconsin 53022

Milwaukee Laser & Body Aesthetics provides lifetime hair removal and individual treatments. If you’re feeling nervous about the treatments, you can meet with them beforehand and find out what to expect so you can make sure it’s right for you. The salon offers affordable pricing and financing options with 0% interest for the first 24 months. 

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1233 N. Mayfair Rd, Suite 208

Wauwatosa, Wisconsin 53226

EvolvMD is a med spa operated by expert aestheticians who will help you achieve smooth skin. The center will target hair follicles at the root to safely stop hair from growing back. You can book a single session or a package that includes eight treatments. EvolvMD offers full body hair removal, including underarms, legs, Brazilian bikini, and facial areas. 

Milwaukee Medical Weight Loss & MediSpa

8575 W Forest Home Avenue #170

Greenfield, Wisconsin 53228

Milwaukee Medical Weight Loss & MediSpa offers the latest treatment options guaranteed to get rid of unwanted hair. The spa uses the Vectus Laser to provide a cooling effect as it zaps the hair follicles. They recommend booking 4-6 treatments but will help you determine how many you’ll actually need based on your hair type. The center will treat nearly any part of your body you’d like. 

A woman in sheer black lingerie stands in a studio with a hand on her shoulder and hair after using milwaukee laser hair removal

Aesthetics 360°

Located inside the Saddlery Building at 

233 N Water St. #200

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202 

Aesthetics 360 will provide a consultation before your appointment so you can go into your treatment feeling completely confident. The center will spend 10-60 minutes on your treatment, depending on the part of the body you’re getting treated. They use the ForeverBare BBL laser complete with skin-cooling technology. By the end, 80%-90% of your unwanted hair will disappear with no way to grow back. 

Milwaukee Laser Hair Removal

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t want to deal with body hair, check out these Milwaukee laser hair removal centers ASAP! With all five, you’ll find experts to ensure you have the smooth skin you’ve always wanted! 

If you need the perfect way to show off your results, I’ve got you covered! I love planning boudoir photo sessions with women to build up their confidence. I’m here to hype you up and make you realize just how gorgeous you are! If you’ve ever wondered whether boudoir photography is right for you, I would love to connect with you and tell you more about it. Contact me today to start the conversation!

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