Discover the Incredible Power of Hot Yoga in Madison, WI

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For years, yoga has been hailed as the perfect workout. It gives you the chance to tap into your inner self while still providing some incredible exercise. Plus, it offers strength and conditioning that will help you with other activities. Hot yoga offers these same benefits while kicking things up a notch. In these heated classes, you’ll get a more intensive workout that burns extra calories while increasing your flexibility. If you’re looking to take your practice to the next level, here are the best studios to find hot yoga in Madison, WI.

Check Out These Three Hot Locations For Hot Yoga In Madison, WI 

Dragonfly Hot Yoga

309 West Johnson Street, Madison, Wisconsin 53703

Dragonfly Hot Yoga has worked hard to create a space where every person feels welcome. They have options for every level and will ensure you never feel judged. They also keep their studio clean, so you don’t have to worry about the sweat-inducing session that happened right before yours. The studio offers yoga, barre, and fitness classes. You can check out aromatherapy sessions, flow, fusion, and meditation. They offer classes with normal temps, so you can choose what you’re in the mood for. And if you want to check them out before you commit, you can try out their virtual classes you can enjoy from anywhere. 

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Inner Fire Yoga

5003 University Ave, Madison, Wisconsin 53705

1813 E Washington Ave Suite 209, Madison, Wisconsin 53704

Inner Fire Yoga offers two Madison studios, so you can check out a class that’s convenient for you. The studio was the very first of its kind in Madison and has been revolutionizing hot yoga since 2002. The center strives to create a practice that will benefit you long after you leave the mat. You can find original hot yoga, power, slow flow, inner fire flow, and yin. They offer welcome specials, so you can try them out before you buy a membership. You can also check out their virtual classes. 

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Twisted Grit Yoga

2824 Prairie Lakes Drive #202, Sun Prairie, Wisconsin 53590

Twisted Grit Yoga offers two studio spaces at its location. If you’re looking for a regular yoga class, you can try out their Heart+Soul Studio. This space is kept between 70-75 degrees for a restorative yoga session. Their Hot Studio is kept between 75-105 degrees and lets you challenge yourself however you’d like. They have props such as jade yoga mats and use essential oils throughout both spaces. You can find power flow, targeted sessions, sun salutations, candlelight classes, and meditation. There are also classes for kids ages 6-10, so your little one can get started as early as they’d like. 

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If you’re looking for a way to kick up your yoga practice, check out these Madison studios. With all three, you can find hot yoga classes that deliver great results! 

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